Scope of Optimize Pensions

Optimize Pensions reports on pensions and benefits cases, legislation, regulations, regulatory policies, consultations and government announcements from across Canada, subject to the following:


The source of all cases reported on Optimize Pensions is CanLII. As such, Optimize Pensions is subject to the timing and scope of cases reported on CanLII. Also note: Optimize Pensions does not report on cases that are published only in French.

Legislation & Regulations

While Optimize Pensions reports on all pensions standards legislation and related regulations in Canada, the “Note Up By Section” focuses on the following Acts/Regulations:

  • FederalPension Benefits Standards Act, 1985. Pension Benefits Standards Regulation, 1985 and Federal Investment Regulations (FIR);
  • Alberta: Employment Pension Plans Act and Employment Pension Plans Regulation;
  • British ColumbiaPension Benefits Standards Act and Pension Benefits Standards Regulation;
  • Manitoba: Pension Benefits Act and Pension Benefits Regulation 39/2010;
  • New BrunswickPension Benefits Act and Regulation 91-195;
  • Newfoundland & LabradorPension Benefits Act, 1997  and Pension Benefits Act Regulations, NLR 114/96;
  • Nova ScotiaPension Benefits Act and Pension Benefits Regulation;
  • OntarioPension Benefits Act and General Reg. 909;
  • Quebec:  Supplemental Pension Plans Act and Regulation respecting supplemental pension plans, CQLR c R-15.1, r 6; and
  • SaskatchewanPension Benefits Act, 1992 and Pension Benefits Regulations, 1993.